Here is an interesting article on how the “Black Mesa Trust” agrees with Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, who wants to see a pipeline built from the Grand Canyon to the Black Mesa coal mine’s coal slurry pipeline that feeds the Mojave Generating Station. Personally, I’m torn. On the one hand, building a $100 million pipeline to the Grand Canyon to suck out water to be used for coal will tax an already overextended resource – the Colorado River. On the other hand, Peabody Energy is currently pumping fresh water out of the Navajo Aquifer to feed this slurry line, and using river water instead of that aquifer seems like a good idea. Really, the ideal solution is to get rid of the slurry line altogether. What genius had the idea of using a slurry line to transport coal in the middle of the desert where water is most scarce? (feel free to write back, if you really know the answer to my seemingly rhetorical question)

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