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It’s been seven and a half weeks since I got back from my big journey. There have been changes in so many ways.

I wrote about the first few days in an earlier article here.

After a week or so, I went back to work full time. That was a little hard to get used to. Not only had I not done the same thing every day for a long time, but I had six months of progress at my job to catch up on. I tried working on three different projects at the same time initially, but once it was clear that one of them was on track I cut back to two projects. And now I’m mainly working on just one.

I eventually did find an apartment in Denver I liked. I decided to go with location over size, and started a lease in a unit at the Florentine Condominiums on March 15. Moving is happening in fits and starts. As I write this, I’ve spent three nights in the new place now. But I still have stuff in the old place, the room I was renting from my friend.

The apartment is at 700 Washington St, which is in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, only about block from the place where we lived before. There’s a great comfort in knowing the neighborhood pretty well. And it’s especially convenient to be able to walk everywhere again. As I wrote in my blog a couple years ago, within a half mile, there are four supermarkets, nine or ten coffee shops, several restaurants and bars, at least three cleaners, and so on.

But 7th Avenue is a quiet street, so even though the density is pretty high here, it’s a calm place to live. And now it’s especially so because I live on the 8th floor. I’ve got a big balcony that faces east, and I can see for miles and miles from up here.

I’m so glad to be back in Denver.

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