Wow, a lot has been going on lately. First off, I’ve been on a shopping spree the past week.

I bought a DVD+/-RW drive for my PC. It’s the Sony DRU-500A, which is brand new and easily the best DVD burner for the price on the market. I got that installed without a hitch last night, although many of the instructions for the included software are wrong.

I also bought a new scanner from HP. I considered paying an extra $50 and getting the model that scans 35mm slides and negatives, but I didn’t. I do have some slides from my European vacation of 1985 that I would love to have in a more useable format, but I think I’ll pay someone else to scan them in. Also, we have negatives of our wedding photos and I’d like to scan some of those for my website. But based on reviews I read about the negative/slide scanning feature, I decided not to get that one.

I also bought a few new books from Amazon.com. The first, by recommendation of a Philosophy professor at CU, is Moral Relativism: A Reader. I think I already mentioned somewhere in my blog that I’ve had an interest in learning about moral relativism and so I figure a textbook on it would be a good place to start!. I also think I mentioned there’s a new edition of Roadside Geology of Colorado so I bought a copy of that.

And I bought “No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M’s Way” which is a new PC game. I played the first NOLF game and it was pretty fun. Lots of campy humor, nice visuals, etc. I hope this sequel is as good.

Finally, I got a Mike Kenneally CD called “Dancing.” I haven’t even listened to the whole thing yet, but so far it sounds like good clean Kenneally.

This Saturday, Beth and I are thinking about going to the Boulder Farmer’s Market for the first visit since springtime. That should be amusing.

Otherwise, this week has been very busy outside of work (Monday night workout, Tuesday night RPG, Wednesday night TFC, Thursday night 404 Not Found rehearsal) and not too busy at work (the usual meetings, some planning, some day-to-day management stuff, and attending a conference Tuesday afternoon in Denver).

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