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Yesterday I wrote all about our upcoming Thanksgiving 2020 dinner, before we actually ate. I’m writing this the next day, Friday November 27, and I figure it’s time to share the photos. It was a spectacle!

The first thing we needed was a chef with an apron and a cocktail. The blackberry mule was delicious, and also surprisingly potent.

The salad course was “kale and shredded brussels”. The dressing was a curry vinaigrette. And I’m still not sure what the bit white things were. At first I thought a very mild dry cheese. Then I thought they were slices of mushroom. And then I thought they were slices of very dry tofu. After eating them, I have no idea.

Brooke was very excited to hear that dinner is served.

And now, the whole plated meal. I forgot the cranberry relish that was included. I guess we get to have those today, with the leftovers. Here you can see the sweet potato dauphinoise (a lot more than we needed), turkey, cornbread and chorizo dressing, charred green beans, and of course turkey. The turkey leg confit is on bottom (mostly) and slices of breast on top.

It was delicious, probably better than this photo makes it look.

After dinner, we were too full to eat dessert. But it was time for our online open house anyhow. So we spent the next four hours talking to friends and family on the computer. By the end, we were both tired out from all the talking and listening, and dealing with video problems.

Here’s a photo of the two of us expression our exhaustion at the end of a long Thanksgiving Day.

Good news, though, we did have pie after this photo and rallied enough to watch a pretty good movie, “Uncle Frank” on Amazon Prime.

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