NM21 Road Trip – Day 5

September 19, 2021

Today is was time to take a vacation from my vacation. The first four days of my road trip, I got going early because I had something planned for morning – hiking before the heat of the day, early admission to the museum, or a day full of driving. But Sunday I decided to take it easy.

A bowl full of New Mexico for breakfast – stacked enchiladas, pozole, and beans

I slept in a bit, made a pot of New Mexico piñon nut coffee, ate some leftovers for breakfast, and just chilled out most of the day. I did laundry, picked some pears from the pear tree on the property of my AirBnB, read my book, and did a little bit of planning for the next couple days.

Pears I picked from the tree outside the casita

Because of all this, I don’t have many photos to show you. The only New Mexican food I ate was the leftover stacked enchiladas, beans, and pozole from lunch yesterday. Oh, and the leftover shrimp and green chile pizza from supper.

I did meet my AirBnB host in person. She came by in the morning. I told her I appreciated all the coffee options she has for guests. She’s got a Mr. Coffee type drip machine, plus a French press, and three different kinds of coffee. I mentioned to her that the can of piñon coffee was nearly out, and she said to just throw the rest out. When I came back from a car trip into town, there was a fresh bag of coffee on the doorstep. What a nice touch!

My blogging station on the patio of the casita

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    1. Frankly it’s nothing really special. I just had it because it’s something in New Mexico that we don’t see in Denver.

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