Thanksgiving 2022

I haven’t been writing on my blog very much lately, and when I do it seems like it’s just about food and drink. Well, here’s another food related post! Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Brooke and I stayed in Denver and had a quiet Thanksgiving meal at home. She did the cleaning, as usual, and I did the shopping, cooking, prepping, and most of the bartending.

This year, I think I hit the perfect mix of pre-prepared food and cooking from scratch. We had a wonderful feast, but I didn’t feel like I spent hours in the kitchen making it all. Here’s my menu:


  • cinnamon rolls [from Frank Bonanno’s Drive Thru Pie Pop Up on the sidewalk of Luca, a couple blocks from here]
  • lattes [almond milk for Brooke and skim milk for me]


  • jicama sticks and spinach dip [thanks to Trader Joe’s]
  • almonds [nothing special here]
  • pickled green beans [I found these at a Christmas market a few weeks ago, and they were yummy]

Main Course

  • smoked turkey breast [from Post Oak BBQ in north Denver]
  • garlic mashed potatoes [same]
  • brisket gravy [same]
  • collard greens [same]
  • turkey sausage stuffing fried rice [came frozen from Trader Joe’s]
  • glazed carrots [made from scratch, traditional recipe plus a special ingredient – Chinese Five Spice blend]


My plate, next to my mostly-gone Old Fashioned cocktail
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