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I’ve been so bad about staying up-to-date with my blog. Let’s see, what’s new?

Well, I’m now a regular member of the crew of Paddy Wagon Films. That’s a small local filmmaking group centered around a director named Patrick Sheridan. He has committed himself to making 6 films in 6 months. Obviously, they’re short films, but they’re also pretty good. He’s trying to improve his “chops” as a filmmaker, with the goal of doing a feature sometime in 2006.

I was credited as Sound Engineer for a film called “Water Cooler” which won the Group 101 prize for best film in October. So it’s nice to start off on the right foot! I wasn’t there for filming but fixed up the sound in post-production (meaning “after the shooting’s over”).

I also was the production recordist (the guy who records sound while the camera films the actors) for the 2nd half of Patrick’s newest film, “Time Table.” If we do a good job editing, I think there’s a good chance this one will also win the monthly prize for November. We’ll see.

A couple weekends ago, Beth and I saw “Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are Dead?” by The Upstart Crow. I’ve seen about a half dozen of their productions and worked on 2 or 3, but this was the best one yet (though I can’t say it’s because of me – I didn’t work on this one).

Recent movies we’ve seen: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “The Constant Gardener”, “Serenity”, and “March of the Penguins”.

I’m reading a pulpy techno-thriller called “Area 51” right now. I’ve enjoyed it, so I bought the sequel (used, through

I bought an annual pass to the Broomfield Rec Center last week, and have been a couple times so far. My knee is still bothering me, which probably means a trip back to the orthopedic surgeon sometime.

That’s the highlights for me. How about you? Leave me a comment!

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