Gemini VH-120L

For grins, I bought a Gemini VH-120L, which is a “dual channel wireless” microphone system with two lavalier mics. That means it’s got two clip-on microphones, each with their own battery/transmitter/receiver pack. Those transmitters connect via radio to a base station which mixes the signal from the two microphones together and sends it out a 1/4″ jack in the back. The whole thing was only $120, so I wanted to see what sort of quality it might be for that price. Well, the answer is “poor”! I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced a noisier microphone rig than this one. It’s impressively bad, and I can’t imagine offhand any reasonable application for this product. Hopefully I’ll find something someday. Otherwise, I just wasted 120 bucks.

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  1. Todd,

    My church is outting on a Christmas play and we have a VH-120 with headsets. Your right, it is not very good, but it is better than nothing. We would like the lavalier mics for the kids. Would you be interested in selling the mics? I really don’t want to pay retail and throw good money after bad. I need them by 12/14, so let me know. Thanks

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