Christmas Vacation 2005 – Part 5

Thursday, we went to the Ojo Caliente hot springs and soaked in the morning. I liked their hot springs, but thought it was a bit overpriced and understaffed. There was a steady line of at least 5 parties waiting to get through the cashier into the hot springs all the time we were there. One unique thing about Ojo Caliente is that they have more than one water source, and they pipe them to different places. So, the water flowing into the “Soda Pool” is definitely than the “Iron Pool”.

After soaking a long while, we went to a little diner in town. I got Frito pie and Beth had a burger. She saw an ad on the wall for a local band and couldn’t pass up getting a copy of their CD for $5 from the waitress. The band is called “32 Fingers“. Good CD for five bucks!

We then drove into Taos, where we hung out in a historic hotel for an hour or so while I caught up on my email. There are a lot of places with free WiFi around the Taos plaza, so we decided to make ourselves comfortable and collapse into the comfy chairs near the fireplace in the hotel.

After leaving there, we went to a “New Mexican” restaurant that Lara (the B&B hostess) suggested, called Orlando’s. It was a long wait for a table, and since they don’t have a bar, everyone who was waiting with us gathered around an outdoor fire pit. The food was good but not outstanding, I thought. Nothing very creative from what I could tell.

Then we drove back to the B&B, which took about an hour, and took the opportunity to sit in their “hot pool”. They don’t have an actual hot springs onsite, but they take the artesian water from the local well and heat it up in a solar hot water system, then pipe it into a custom-built enclosed pool. We had it to ourselves, which was both romantic and spooky. With the lights off and the candles lit, the place was very dark and eerie.

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