I hate Steve Jobs

I guess I don’t hate him personally, but it hasn’t been a good couple of weeks for me and Apple stuff.

First, Final Cut Pro crashes on me for the first time ever, losing 90 minutes of work. Of course, I didn’t follow the cardinal rule – save early and save often. But, I checked my settings and I had the software configured to do an auto-save every 30 minutes. So how come the last auto-save file was 90 minutes old? Argh! Luckily, I redid the work that I’d lost in only about 30 minutes this time.

Then, while I was running iTunes last week, a window popped up and said there’s a new version. “Do you want to upgrade?” Hell, yeah! You bet! Why not, I thought. So I downloaded the upgrade, and part of it was that I also needed to upgrade the firmware in my iPod. I’d heard from a friend of mine that the new firmware has some really cool stuff in it, so I was looking forward to trying it out. Sadly, after installing the upgrade, my iPod hasn’t worked since. I tried everything Apple suggests on their website to deal with a dead iPod, and none of them worked. It looks like I’m not the only one, though. There are literally thousands of posts on Apple’s bulletin board from angry iPod users who upgraded to version 1.2 of the firmware and are now having problems with it. So, for the past week, I’ve been without a working iPod. I took it into the local Apple Store, where the resident “genius” said it’ll have to be replaced. They’ll give me a new one just as soon as more arrive in stock. I asked him, “How often have you heard the same story – someone updates to iPod firmware 1.2 and then their iPod becomes useless – in the past week?” The genius’ reply: “More often than I’d like to say.”

You can be sure I won’t be so quick to upgrade to a new iTunes or iPod software release in the future.

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