still hating Steve Jobs

I wrote a while ago about hating Steve Jobs because Apple’s iPod software update killed my iPod. Well, in the end, I took it to the local Apple store, where they ordered a replacement under the warranty program. A few days later, I got a phone call that my new (replacement) iPod had arrived. So I went to the mall and picked it up. It sorta worked, but I noticed that whenever it would go to sleep, the only way to wake it up was to plug in the power or reboot it. That sucks! So I took it back to the Apple store, where they replaced it – again! Now I’m on my 3rd 5th-generation iPod in 4 months. Not too impressive. I felt compelled to buy their extended warranty, which I did. Assuming they didn’t botch the process of registering the extended warranty (called AppleCare) to the correct iPod, it should extend the 1-year warranty for an extra year.

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