a good day to stay inside

Here in Broomfield, we’re having a high temperature of 3 degrees Fahrenheit today. That’s darn cold!

But I suppose it’s just as well, because today I had my gingival graft procedure done. That’s an outpatient surgery where they cut off flesh from the top of your mouth and sew it onto the gums somewhere. I didn’t really know what to expect, but the procedure was pretty painless. The worst part was getting stuck with the needle containing the local anesthetic. And I guess that’s how it should be!

So now I have to wear this plastic guard to protect the incisions on my palate where they cut out the two pieces of stuff. And the two places on my lower gum where they grafted on that stuff are swollen up. The doctor sent me home with high dosage ibuprofen tablets, and I took one of them but once the local started wearing off, it was pretty uncomfortable. So, Beth ran to King Soopers pharmacy and filled the prescription the doctor wrote me for vicodin, just in case. That, combined with ice, knocked out the pain, but now I’m feeling loopy. The doctor said that only about 1 in 10 patients that she subscribes it to actually use it, so I guess I’m just unusually wimpy when it comes to pain.

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