mediocre experience at O’s Steak & Seafood in Westminster

This past week, I wanted to take Beth someplace nice for dinner to celebrate publishing her first travel article.  And I was in the mood for seafood.  O’s Steak & Seafood inside the Westin Westminster hotel gets really good reviews online, and since we’d never been I thought that would be a good choice.  The food was indeed good, though not outstanding.  But the service was really slow and lackadaisical, to the point of nearly ruining the experience and making me not want to go back there again.  They were so understaffed that one of the other customers got up during the interminable wait for his meal, found the pitcher of water, and started refilling other customers’ glasses.  Where was the wait staff during all this?  Who knows.  Most of the time they weren’t on the floor of the dining room, and when they were, they often traveled around in groups of 2 or even 3, as if they needed mutual support to deflect the glares of the customers they were ignoring.

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