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If you haven’t seen me lately (or ever) you might not realize I’ve lost some weight over the past year.  Back in the spring of 2006, I realized that one of the things holding back my recovery from my 2nd knee surgery was being too heavy (less weight means less stress on the joints, among many other things).  So, I’ve been losing some weight.  I lost a few pounds during the summer of 2006, but it really kicked into high gear when I started eating a whole lot better in October.  I’ve been trying to eat a diet that’s more focused on fresh fruits and vegetables, and cooked vegetables.  I’ve cut way back on fried foods, animal products (meat, dairy, eggs), and refined carbohydrates (sugar, pasta, white rice).

The results of all this?  Well, I weighed myself this morning before work, as I do once per week.  As of this week, I’ve lost 38.5 pounds since April of 2006!

My goal is to lose another 8.5 pounds.  If I can keep up the current rate of progress, that’ll happen sometime late spring.  At that point, I will have gone from Obese to Overweight to the top of the Normal range in 13 or 14 months, according to the BMI tables.  Then the tough part will be to stay there the rest of my life.

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