the iPod Shuffle has changed my life

Many of you already know – or can guess – that I’ve always thought there should be a soundtrack for my life. Well, now I have it.

Today’s Sunday, and I’m spending the morning doing a variety of chores and stuff around the house, generally flitting from one thing to the next. Stuff like laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, entering Visa receipts from the past few days into Quicken, straightening up my desk, doing dishes, etc.

I used to have to choose some music and crank it up in one room so I could hear it all over the house so I had some music to make the housework go faster. But ever since I bought the new iPod Shuffle – the tiny one that’s the size of a matchbook – I can just clip my iPod onto my shirt and stick my earbuds in and have music wherever I go. The thing’s so lightweight that it doesn’t get in the way at all. I like my full size iPod, but use it almost exclusively at work now. The Shuffle’s the one I wear doing chores at home, or working out, or when I want to take some music on vacation with me.

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