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This past Friday (June 22, 2007), I set new record bicycle commute times in both directions!

My home-to-work ride was 27:46, better than my previous best time of 29:52 (set in October 2006).

My work-to-home ride was 32:51, significantly better than my previous personal best of 36:13 (also set in October 2006).

I’m impressed with myself that I got “personal bests” in both directions on the same day. On the way to work, I had good light karma, and very little wind, and apparently lots of energy. On the way home, it was super windy, but for most of the ride, the wind was at my back!

The bike I built last summer for commuting is definitely a lot faster than my Giant Revive, too. That helps a lot. Regardless, I still want an even nicer bike. I’ve got my eye on a Trek 7.5 FX (shown above). I talked to the owner of the local bike shop this morning and tried to convince him that he should give away a bike for Bike to Work Day. He didn’t seem too thrilled by the concept.

And yes today was Bike to Work day. I’m definitely not setting any records, since I stopped at two different “breakfast stations” on the way to pick up free stuff. And they’re both out of my way. But the weather’s nice and cool, at least. Hopefully it won’t rain on me this afternoon.

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