a good weekend

I’ve had a really good weekend. Busy, but good.

Friday night I picked Beth up at a party in Denver (I didn’t really want to go) and then we went out to Limon Peruvian restaurant, which I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while.  I had scallops, and they were divine.  I love it when I find a restaurant that can make a really good scallops dish.  The food was reasonably priced, I thought, but the drinks broke our budget, that’s for sure.  I think we spent as much on 3 drinks as we did on our entrees!  Anyhow, we’d both go back.  (Oh, one side note, even though we had shrimp and mango ceviche there, it didn’t really satisfy my craving for ceviche and I’ve been thinking of trying to make some of my own.  I’d want to be sure to find some grade 1 fresh fish, though.)

Saturday, I went to breakfast at Dot’s Diner in Boulder (where I spent several nights working on a shoot for a short film called “Flat Dog Dreams”) and had huevo ranchero.  Just one egg.  That’s the small order, and it was plenty.  Then I went to an outdoor art showing, which was really enjoyable.  I think I was one of the first people there, but I knew it was going to be a hot day, and wanted to go see it in the morning.

After that, I had some time to waste, so I drove out to the Boulder airport and went on a glider ride!  You see, I’ve been thinking of getting back into flying again, now that I’ve got some money saved up in my rainy day fund.  And I wanted to see if I still enjoyed it.  I did.  Now I just need to decide if I really have the time to do it.  After my glider ride (where the instructor said it seemed like I hadn’t really lost my touch, even though it’s been 6 years since I was in the cockpit) I drove way the hell out to Watkins, where I took in an airshow.  That was cool, not literally (it was damn hot out on the tarmac), but nice to see an air show.  There were parachutists, aerobatics, and then I left when they brought out the F-15, which I believe is the loudest plane on the planet.

Then I drove home and played D&D with my geek buddies until about 10 PM.  Our esteemed game master, Chris, is moving to Utah and that was our next-to-last game with him.  Maybe he’ll be back again someday.  We’ll see.

Sunday I got up and rode my bicycle to the supermarket to get some stuff I needed for the day’s project, which was to shoot a new short film.  I won’t go into detail on the film yet, but it’s something I wrote months ago and am just now getting around to producing.  It may be some time before this one’s finished, as it’s going to include some animation and my animator has been very busy lately.  Then I watched a little TV, made some supper (bison and snow peas stir fry), and captured all the footage we shot today.  After mowing the lawn, I then made some potent mojitos, one of which I’m enjoying quite a bit right now.

So, I had a nice weekend, and did lots of fun stuff.  I hope yours was as good!

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