don’t upgrade to WordPress 2.6

I noticed that my two blog sites ( and were running WordPress 2.2 and that 2.6 was now available through Fantastico.  So I clicked the button on my web host’s Fantastico control panel to do the upgrade.

I thought everything went well, but I noticed all my categories got horked.  There were still categories, but the names were all empty strings.  Of course, my first reaction was to do some googling to see if other people had this same problem.  Sure enough, there are lots of complaints from WordPress users about the same problem.

Fortunately, this Belgian dude named David Cumps posted instructions for how to manually fix the problem.  You just have to have phpMyAdmin access and a copy of your backup.sql file from before the upgrade.  So I followed his instructions, and now my categories are back.  It was a pain in the butt, but not as much as manually re-categorizing hundreds of blog posts.  So thanks, David!

I also found it amusing that the WordPress people were just bragging a few days ago about releasing 2.6 way ahead of schedule.  Yeah, congrats on beating your self-imposed deadline.  Too bad you didn’t spend some of that extra month testing the software before release!

Anyhow, they’ve found the problem and fixed it, so version 2.6.1 should be good.  If you have a WordPress site, I strongly encourage you to not upgrade to 2.6, but wait for 2.6.1.

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