Polycom DMA 7000

On the off chance you wonder what I do for a living, the product I’ve been working on at Polycom for the past year just got officially announced.  It is the Polycom Distributed Media Application™ DMA 7000.

Here’s our press release:


And here’s our product web page:


2 thoughts on “Polycom DMA 7000

  1. Betty Bradley

    Never thought about subscribing to your blog, I just read it. What do I need to do to register, or will it be automatic with this response. You know I’m not too bright where blogs are concerned.

  2. Todd Bradley Post author

    No, it’s not automatic. To “subscribe” to a blog (or a news site) you use a technology called RSS, and a piece of software called an RSS reader. An RSS reader is kind of like an email program, except that it deals with blogs and news feeds instead of email messages. And like email programs, RSS readers bcome in two basic styles – standalone applications that run on your desktop and web applications that you access over the network.

    I use an RSS reader from Google called, simply enough, Google Reader.


    Here’s a little video I discovered that explains how RSS feed readers make reading blogs and online news better and faster:



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