38 mpg on the Kawasaki

I just filled up my gas tank yesterday, something I don’t have to do very often.  This is the one on my 1984 Kawasaki KZ550 motorcycle.  It looks like after the tuneup I had done a couple weeks ago, I’m getting almost exactly 38 miles per gallon.  That’s mostly city driving.  And my riding style is pretty much the opposite of “hypermiling” since I often can’t resist the urge to accelerate fast, especially when it’s so hot and the only way to cool down is in a 70 mph breeze.

38 mpg is a lot better than the 15 or so that our Dodge Dakota pickup gets, but I still wish I was getting 45 or 50.  Since some of my coworkers have cars with air conditioning, stereo systems, and seating for four that get 38 or better, it seems a little embarrassing that’s all I’m getting on a motorcycle.

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