on the road again

If you followed our travels here in 2011, you may be interested to know that we’re starting to travel again.  Starting September 7, we’re leaving Denver and setting out on a trip through the eastern US for three months.  You can read more about that on my blog article right here.

Todd’s recollections of Arcata

I meant to write this article shortly after we left Arcata, back in November 2011.  But life soon thereafter threw me several curveballs, and I’m just now getting back to it.  I wrote very little here on “12 Cities, 1 Year” about Arcata, which was the 4th city of our trip.  We were there for… Continue reading Todd’s recollections of Arcata

how to avoid falling back

This post is sort of the flip side of the one I posted yesterday, titled Todd’s December doldrums.  That article was about my sadness thinking maybe we’ve come full circle, and now are right back where we started before we started the “12 Cities, 1 Year” project.  But the fact is that we aren’t the same… Continue reading how to avoid falling back

Todd's December doldrums

The things I think about when I’m feeling sorry for myself It wasn’t supposed to be like this. We planned to spend another eight months traveling around America, living in another eight new and interesting cities. And then we might settle down into one of them. But here we are back in Denver, with our… Continue reading Todd's December doldrums

12 Cities, 1 Year is going on hold

Hello, faithful readers. I’ve got some serious and bad news to share. While in Denver last week, Beth had some medical tests on a strange lump that’s appeared in her armpit over the past couple months. We learned on Monday that she has cancer. So, we are immediately returning to Denver, so she can have… Continue reading 12 Cities, 1 Year is going on hold

from Portland to Arcata

I’ve been remiss about sharing our journeys with you, fair reader. So let me try to catch you up to date. We left Portland the morning of Wednesday October 12. That morning we packed the car, did some final housecleaning of our basement apartment, got our deposit check from the landlord, ate lunch, and then… Continue reading from Portland to Arcata

updates from Portland and Arcata

I just made some updates to the website. The Portland page now has a list of most of the memorable things we did while we were there. You should go check it out. We didn’t write about some of them. I also updated the Itinerary page to show that Eureka got replaced by Arcata as… Continue reading updates from Portland and Arcata

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