don’t trust this TSA-compatible lock to protect you from anything but moronic zombies

I bought a couple TSA-compatible luggage locks from Amazon. My plan was to use this on my new eBags TLS Workstation Laptop Backpack to secure my laptop and other stuff during our travels through Asia later this year. Unrelated to this, I also couldn’t remember the combination to one of my suitcases that also has a TSA-compatible 3-digit combination lock. And I found a video that explains how easy it is to open (some of) these locks, so that you can reset the combination when you forget it.

So I wondered if the same trick would apply to the new luggage locks I bought on Amazon from Tarriss. The trick worked quite well, and I can now break into my own locked items in as little as 12 seconds. That means a real thug could probably break in much faster. And that means there’s no way I’m trusting these locks on my luggage.

I made a little video showing how easy it is to “pick” these locks with your bare hands.




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