tax refund

We’re getting a tax refund this year, plus I’m getting a bonus from my employer. So, I naturally have started spending some of this money before it’s even arrived! I’ve been on a buying spree the past week.

First, I bought this unusual bicycle, called a Giant Revive. It’s billed as the “ultimate comfort bike” and is what they call a “semi-recumbent”. Of course, since I got rid of all my bike stuff years ago when I sold the mountain bike I used for riding to and from the university during graduate school, I also had to buy all the usual accessories – helmet, lock, repair kit, headlight, and computer. My goal is to start riding this around more and more once the weather improves, and eventually see if I can use it to commute to work.

Second, I bought this chair (yes, I know their website doesn’t work right in Mozilla), which is also supposed to be very ergonomic and good for the back. They even call it “The Perfect Chair” and I bought it at a new local store called Grateful Back. I wanted black leather with maple legs, which they didn’t have in stock, so the chair is now on order. It should arrive in another week or so. This is the most expensive chair we’ve ever owned. We’re still debating just where to put it. I want to be able to sit in it while reading or watching TV, but I don’t want to be at a big angle from the TV set.

Finally, to go with the chair, I bought this floor lamp, called the Verilux HappyEyes lamp. It has a special full balanced spectrum bulb which provides lots of natural colored light using a small amount of energy. Supposedly the bulb lasts for about 5 years, too.

So, I guess it’s all about comfort and leisure this week. Hopefully, once the chair and lamp go up, I’ll spend more time reading good books. And once the weather gets a little more predictable, I’ll spend more time riding my bike, which will further strengthen my knee and get me ready to play some Ultimate Frisbee this year.

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