my Campari cocktail

OK, in reality, I invent cocktails all the time. I love experimenting in the kitchen, and I love experimenting in the bar. I recently acquired 7 more different types of bitters (including Peychaud), Campari, Herbsaint, and Heering cherry liqueur, I’ve got a new world to discover. So here’s what I made last night. It was good. I’m sure there’s some official cocktail similar to this, but I just improvised it.

1 oz Campari
4 oz club soda
1 thin orange slice
2 Luxardo cherries and some of the syrup from the jar
2 shakes Peychaud bitters
Lots of ice

I put all that in an Old Fashioned glass and stirred vigorously, to mix the Luxardo syrup and force the orange to give up some juice.

Maybe I’ll make another one tonight. What do you think I should call it?

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