Pappadeaux is coming!

Beth said she thought she saw a sign along US-36 near the Westminster Mall that a Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is going in there. Well, it looks like it’s true! Hurray!

Judging from this web page from the City of Westminster, it’s going to open in “first quarter 2006”. Any of you who know me know Pappadeaux is one of my favorite restaurants. I used to go there in Houston when I’d visit my parents (they’ve since moved back to Colorado). So, I was super happy to learn that they were opening a restaurant in the Denver Tech Center area. We’ve been to that one a few times, but it’s a 45 minute drive from where we live. Obviously, that’s not a very convenient place to dine unless we just happen to be in south Denver, which is almost never.

Maybe the new Pappadeux will be open by my birthday, which is March 20. Beth’s getting a bit tired of my usual birthday tradition from the past decade or so, which is to have my birthday dinner at a Japanese hibachi steakhouse. Initially, we’d drive all the way down to Gasho of Japan, which is also in the tech center area. But then Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse opened in Westminster and then Benihana opened in Broomfield. The one in Westminster is better, but Beth doesn’t really like either of them. If Pappadeaux is open in time, I think I’ll have my 37th birthday party there.

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