I’m a realist

I was chatting with my little brother online this evening, and telling him a little about cohousing. I wrote something about neo-cons not being likely fans of cohousing. He wrote back, “I wonder if you’re a neo-con if you have to google the term when your brother mentions it.”

So he looked up the definition and turned me on to this quiz.

I took it. It’s got hard questions! My own person results were that I’m a “realist” which is defined like so:


* Are guided more by practical considerations than ideological vision
* Believe US power is crucial to successful diplomacy – and vice versa
* Don’t want US policy options unduly limited by world opinion or ethical considerations
* Believe strong alliances are important to US interests
* Weigh the political costs of foreign action
* Believe foreign intervention must be dictated by compelling national interest

Historical realist: President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Modern realist: Secretary of State Colin Powell

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