It’s Sunday morning, and here in Broomfield it’s snowy and cold. Today’s pretty much my final shopping opportunity before Christmas, so I’m planning to head down to the FlatIron Crossing mall later. But for now, I’m trying to catch up on the piles and piles of stuff accumulated on my desk and in my email inbox. And since it’s always cold in the den (where I am now), Beth suggested I should light a fire.

So, we’ve got a fire in the fireplace for the first time since 2004, I think. It’s definitely been a long time.

I’m working this week (unlike some people) and then we’re driving to my parents’ house near Redstone, Colorado on Saturday. We’ll spend Saturday and Sunday night there, and then we start a road trip vacation that I’ve been planning for a while. I’ve got most of the stops along the way figured out, and we’ll be soaking in a number of hot springs. We’ll return on New Years Day.

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  1. I have intentionally not posted the itinerary. That’s because the itinerary has been intentionally been kept a secret from Beth. I got the idea a while ago that I wanted to plan a trip where even the details of where and when were a mystery to her. I’m hoping she’ll be able to write a couple travel articles on this – perhaps one on what it’s like to go on a vacation where you don’t know where you’re going, and another one on hot springs of the four corners area.

    I’ll post a rough itinerary after the trip.

  2. And Todd will also be making a delicious Marsala Chicken (as in curry)for our non-traditional Christmas dinner.

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