Who is Jerry Everson?

Here’s a poser (that’s British slang I learned from Monty Python – it means a question that’s tough to answer). Who is Jerry Everson? Among all the usual Christmas and generic holiday cards we got this year from friends, family, the local handyman, etc. I got one addressed to “Mr. and Mrs. Todd Bradley”. The return address is:

NNN Some Rd.
Bismarck, ND 58503

Hmm, I thought to myself when I opened the envelope. I wonder who that is?

Inside is a “SEASONS GREETINGS” photo postcard featuring a teenage boy and girl and a yellow Labrador retriever. Below, someone has written, “Hope you have a nice holiday break! Barb, Jerry, Tom & Trisha (Fozzy)”.

So, I presume that Barb and Jerry are Mr. and Mrs. Everson, and that Tom and Trisha are the two teenagers in the photo, and that Fozzy is the name of the dog. But I can’t for the life of me think of any Barb or Jerry Everson. As far as I know, I don’t even know anyone in North Dakota.

My best guess is that it’s one of the players on the 30+ Team Fortress Classic team. We all call each other by our online nicknames (“handles” some say). For example, almost nobody on the team knows me as “Todd Bradley”. To them I’m “Dr. Ebola” because that’s my game handle. So maybe Jerry Everson is one of the players on the team and I just know him as “Hot Death” or “Firebrand” or something.

I happen to be the treasurer for the 30+ Team Fortress Classic team, which means I have all the financial records of who has donated to the team fund over the past few years. We have a treasury that I draw from every month to pay the rental for the online game server that we use for practices and matches. And of course people who make contributions, be it by check or PayPal or cash, must use their real names. So I went back through the financial records to see if I could find a Jerry (or Barb) Everson. No luck. So if this person is on my TFC team, he’s never financially contributed to it.

Next thing I tried was running the name “Everson” through Google Desktop. If you don’t have it, you should get it. Google Desktop monitors and indexes all the files and emails on your PC and then allows you to quickly search for text strings. So, if I’ve ever received an email from an Everson, Google Desktop would know about it. But a search brought up absolutely nothing.

That’s where I gave up. I got this nice card from someone, and it shows his teenage kids and dog. But I have no freaking clue who this person is. If you’ve heard of Jerry Everson, please let me know!

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