Christmas Vacation 2005 – Part 1

Today was Christmas with the family. Beth and I drove to my parents’ place near Redstone, Colorado on Saturday the 24th. My brother Kent was already there. Unfortunately, Beth had just come down with a cold a few days before and I got it on the 23rd. Last night, neither Beth nor I slept very well, due to our colds. Beth eventually went upstairs the living room and I cought a couple hours of sleep, and then when she came back to bed around 6:00, I got up and went upstairs. She got a couple hours of sleep, too. We both needed a few naps to get through the day.

The family had breakfast of elk sausage and pancakes, and then we unwrapped Christmas gifts. Beth told me I didn’t look like I was having a very good time. If that’s true, it’s not because I didn’t enjoy giving and receiving gifts, but because I felt like crap.

My cousin Deb and her husband Rick arrived sometime after noon, while I was taking a nap. And then we made and ate a feast of all kinds of international dishes, mainly made with wild game. After they left, the rest of us watched “The Hobbit”, the original animated version from the early 70’s. After that, I sort of drifted out and eventually found my way to bed.

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