Christmas Vacation 2005 – Part 2

Beth and I both got a somewhat better night’s rest. After packing our things and having another of Mom’s great breakfasts, we drove to Ridgeway. There, we had lunch at the True Grit, which is a restaurant decorated with pictures of John Wayne.

Then, we drove up the canyon to Ouray, and found the Wiesbaden hot springs, where we spent much of the afternoon. They have a vapor cave dug out under their hotel, and we alternated between that and the much more tolerable hot springs pool outside.

After we’d had enough soaking, we checked into the Spangler House B&B. We rested up a bit, then struck out on foot in search of supper, which we found at one of the many restaurants along Main Street.

After dinner, we gathered up our swimsuits and stuff and went to the public pool. Ouray Hot Springs has 3 pools, each with different temperature water. When we got there, a huge blizzard had rolled in and it was dark. So, everyone was huddled in the smallest, hottest pool. That’s where we stayed until we had once again had our fill of hot water. We ended up getting quite the deal on admission. We were able to get half price tickets through the B&B, so I bought 2 for $8. But then once we got to the pool, they told me they were doing a two for one deal, so we both got in for one $4 ticket! That’s the cheapest hot springs we’ve ever visited.

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  1. I think Ridgway is spelled without an “e”. You know I lived there as a little girl. Several movies were made (cowboy type) in that area. When I was about 7 yrs. old they were making “The Sheepman” and I have an old photo (I think) of Linda and me on the stagecoach used in the movie. Later they made the “True Grit” films. Beautiful country.

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