Christmas Vacation 2005 – Part 8

New Year’s Day we started with another free “continental” breakfast, and then Beth drove us down the icy mountain. I took over driving at Georgetown. I’d originally thought of going to Pappadeaux’ for Sunday brunch, but we were both anxious to get home and, frankly, a bit burned out on dining out (not to mention that we both gained 40 or 50 pounds from all the great food we had between Christmas and New Year’s). So we came home, stopping by Taco Bell for a cheap and small meal.

All told, we soaked in 7 hot springs in 6 days, and saw a lot of new places we’d never seen before. Hopefully Beth will write at least one travel article about the whole trip.

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  1. Sounds like a great trip, even with a couple of changes from the original itinerary. Good you can be flexible.

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