Kill Bond, now!

Well, today was knee surgery. It went well, I guess. We were back home by 10:30 AM, and I’ve been reclined all day long, under the effects of narcotics. The whole thing was surprisingly pain free. And I got a CD containing a movie file that shows the critical part of the surgery.

Last week, when I asked the surgeon how long to expect to be on crutches, he said “one week or four weeks.” Basically, he wouldn’t really know until he got in there. If there weren’t many problems, then I’d just need crutches for a week. If things were more messed up, then crutches for four. I didn’t talk to the surgeon afterwards, but Beth did, and she told me that he told her I’d be on crutches for a month. So, things were worse than they might have been. Beth said the surgeon said he did in fact have to poke holes in the bone to let some marrow come out to form “fake cartilage.” And the video confirms it. It’s weird.

I’ve watched lots of TV today, and now AMC is showing “You Only Live Twice.” That’s the one where Blofeld shouts awkwardly to his underling, “Kill Bond, now!” I love it.

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