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I’m a member of a little “club” in Boulder called the Fast Filmmaking Incubator.  It’s basically a small support group for people encouraging each other to make short films quickly.  Well, this month, the group chose an idea of mine to turn into a short film.  I wrote and directed what I think will be called “The Gift”.  It’s a 30 second short film in the form of a fake commercial.  We chose genres at random and pulled “suspense” and “film noir” out of the hat.

Yesterday we shot the film and the goal is to have it edited and finished by next Wednesday (8 days from now).  Fortunately, I’m not editing it.  But I think we got some really nice footage, and I was very happy with the production.  It took from about 1 PM to about 7 PM to prepare the set, shoot all the scenes, and record the voice-over dialog.  That seems like a lot for a 30 second commercial (to me) but it seemed like we worked pretty much nonstop on the thing.

Maybe when the final product’s done, I’ll put it on my YouTube account.  At the very least, it’ll screen at the monthly Boulder Digital Arts Salon.  This is the 2nd short film I’ve written and directed.  And today, I just finished the 1st draft for the film that’ll be my 3rd writer/director effort.

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