Welcome to Sprouts Farmers Market

I just found out some exciting news!  Broomfield is getting a real natural supermarket.  It’s not Wild Oats / Whole Foods, or even Vitamin Cottage.  It’s Sprouts Farmers Market.  Supposedly they’re opening in October next to Staples near (or in, maybe) the now-defunct Albertson’s on 120th.

I’d never heard of Sprouts before, so I had to check it out.  You can, too, by going here:

Welcome to Sprouts Farmers Market

The only problem is it’s not actually in Broomfield.  That side of the intersection is Westminster.  So Westminster now has a Wild Oats, a Vitamin Cottage, and soon a Sprouts.  And Broomfield’s got Wal-Mart, King Soopers, Safeway, and soon another Wal-Mart.

Ever wonder why Westminster is able to get all the coolness, and Broomfield isn’t?  I wonder, too.


  1. I too blame the city council. What’s going to become of K-Mart when the mega store whose name I cannot type opens next to it and drives it out of business? Another empty strip mall. The one at 120th & Greenway sat empty for years when the Albertsons left there and moved down the road to 120th & Sheridan (Westminster). The current owner, Pacific Ocean Market had to do substantial rehab to that building. We don’t have a Super Target either. Why? There’s a plan for 120th. I’m just not sure it’s been visited since 1950.

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