Kansas, Here We Come!

Since my last post here, a lot has happened.  The short story is we sold the house, sold (or gave away) nearly everything we owned, and left Broomfield.  Here’s the long story. First, let me apologize that it’s been so long since I wrote an entry here.  If you’ve never been through the exercise, you… Continue reading Kansas, Here We Come!

Who wants what?

We’ve shifted gears from 1st to 2nd on our downsizing efforts.  Basically, we gotta get rid of 95% of what we own in the next couple of months.  2% will be going with us on the journey, and 3% will be going into storage. Tiffany, a friend of ours, is doing the legwork to unload… Continue reading Who wants what?

Spam and Facebook

Well, I guess the blog comment spammers have found this little start of a website.  We got a bunch of comment spam yesterday.  So I set up Akismet.  Hopefully that will keep the wolves at bay. I also set up a link to Facebook.  So in theory, when we post a new article here, it’ll… Continue reading Spam and Facebook

Visual TFC Map Guide

tfcmaps/Well, I moved over the screen shots from Team Fortress Classic that made up “|30+|Dr. Ebola’s Visual TFC Map Guide” on my old website. They’re now a photo album in Gallery2 here on my new site. By the way, I’ve just been using it a few days, but so far I’m quite pleased with Gallery2.… Continue reading Visual TFC Map Guide


Legaltorrents.com – Maximum coolness. Free, legal bit torrent downloads. Looks like there are complete CDs here, as well as some short films and PC games.

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Pakistan ‘destroys al-Qaeda base’

This is outstanding! The Pakistanis have “arrested more than 20 suspected militants near the Afghan border and seized a Chinese-made spy plane used to track army movements.” Now take a look at the photo of the “spy plane”: And now, take a look at the HobbyZone Aerobird Xtreme: So Pakistan is now considering a $180… Continue reading BBC NEWS | South Asia | Pakistan ‘destroys al-Qaeda base’

BBC NEWS | Americas | Bush starts storm relief mission

It looks like the federal government’s response – or lack thereof – to the Hurricane Katrina disaster is going to become a major political issue. Before I forget, I just wanted to jot down how strange it felt to me to read the news on September 1 that our President had to cut his month… Continue reading BBC NEWS | Americas | Bush starts storm relief mission

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Problems

I’ve been using a wireless keyboard from Microsoft for the past couple months, but lately I’ve noticed that it’s been acting very strange. In particular, sometimes it will continue to enter keys even after I let the key I’m pressing up. So, if I type a word like “very” sometimes I’ll get “veryyy”. Also, sometimes… Continue reading Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Problems

Even CNG Is Up

Literally hours after I made the post about CNG being such a great deal at $1.88 a gallon, I went to fill up the Honda and found that they’ve raised the price to well over $2.00 now. As far as I know, nothing has happened in the past week to justify a significant increase in… Continue reading Even CNG Is Up

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