seeking help with my video backlog

Do you or someone you know want to get more experience with video editing in general or with Final Cut Pro X specifically? I’m looking for one or two like-minded individuals to help me catch up on my huge backlog of non-paying video editing projects. I’ve been shooting way faster than I’ve been editing for some time now. The list of unfinished projects finally got so long that I stopped taking on new projects – even some of my favorite topics, like roller derby – until I can knock some of these off my plate.

My video work is split between paying jobs (advertising, training, etc.) and non-paying jobs (both short films and work for charity organizations). I’m not looking for someone to help with the “work” stuff, but I could definitely use help with the “fun” stuff. Here is a list of what’s on my backlog right now:

  • roller derby action highlights videos
  • pedestrian bridges of Portland
  • interview with the Mayor of Missoula about creating community in a “big box store” world
  • Harvest Garden – a non-profit combination garden/workshop that donates all their food to charity
  • Team USA roller derby – two or three topics from the 2011 World Cup
  • Smashed Potato – a short film that’s 90% shot and just needs animation and editing
  • documentary on my grandparents’ life as dry land farmers in western Colorado, as told through interviews of people who knew them
  • Derbyverse season 2 – my roller derby culture interview series; interviews are all shot and just waiting to be edited
  • vacation 2008 – I’ll probably do this myself, unless I find someone who is really into canyons and rivers

If you want to help with any of these, you’ll need a modern Mac with Final Cut Pro X. I’ll provide guidance, training as necessary, hard drives to shuttle things back and forth, gratitude, good coffee, and so on. This would be the perfect way for a student to get some real world experience and credits on a low pressure project with small commitment. To find out more, just call me at 720-480-4890 or email

Oh, if you haven’t seen my work before, here are some videos similar to what you’d be helping with.

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