my first Mac

Well, I bought my first Macintosh computer yesterday. In the end, I decided to not go with the new Intel iMac, but instead I bought a used PowerMac Dual G5 2.0. I wanted a Firewire 800 port, and the configurability and expandability were more appealing to me. I also bought a copy of DVD Studio Pro, which I’m planning to upgrade to Final Cut Studio later this month (can you believe it’s March already?). And I currently have the winning bid on a used 20″ Apple Cinema Display.

I’ll probably want to get the latest OS upgrade to OS X 10.4 (it’s running 10.3 now), and get a wireless keyboard and mouse (which may require getting a Bluetooth adapter). Then I should be set on the hardware.

So, assuming Apple stays on schedule with releasing their UB (Universal Binary) version of Final Cut Studio by the end of March, I’ll have a fully working pro-quality video editing system at home. I’ve got 3 short films of my own I’m thinking of doing right now, plus I’ll use this as my primary system for doing sound editing on other people’s films.

Meanwhile, I’m selling off every spare bit of music recording gear I can stand to part with, in order to pay for all this. Even buying all this stuff used, it’s not cheap by far. But if all goes well, I’ll start getting some semi-regular paying audio and video editing work by the end of 2005, with the goal of making this a major part of my income in 2006.

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