I can no longer deny it: I’m in my late 30s

My 39th birthday was yesterday, March 20, 2008. So I guess I can no longer say I’m in the “mid-30s”. We had an awesome birthday party last Saturday night – probably the biggest birthday party I’ve ever had. I think there were about 35 people in attendance. It had a “spaghetti western” theme, so people wore lots of sombreros, leather chaps, etc. Here are a few photos of the attendees.  We had awesome food and drink. An abundance. Five varieties of ceviche, tacos al pastor, posole, margaritas, taquitos, etc. Oh, and I screened all my short films that I did in 2006 and 2007, to a mostly receptive audience.

And now it’s officially spring! The wind has been heinous here in Broomfield the past couple days. It’s always so damned windy in the winter and early spring, since we live on top of a hill with no big trees to obstruct the high winds coming off the Rocky Mountain foothills.

In honor of my birthday, I’m on day 2 of a 4-day weekend. Yesterday (my actual birthday) I spent the day just being really, really lazy. I watched some TV, played some video games, and didn’t even shower until it was almost time to go out for dinner. My birthday dinner this year was at Saltgrass Steak House. I like their food there. Even though we spent nearly $80 for the two of us, it was only half the price of Beth’s suggestion which was Magnolia Steak House. Magnolia was having a special Burgundy wine pairing menu, and their quinoa encrusted scallops sounded really good. But I didn’t want to spend that much, and just wanted a good steak.

Now, today, I’m also being a bit lazy. It’s almost lunch time and all I’ve done is watch a movie, ride 10 miles on the stationary exercise bike, and write a couple reviews on IMDB.

In particular, in the past two days I’ve watched “Star Trek: Nemesis” and “Aeon Flux”. I enjoyed them both, and I think they were both better films than I expected. I wrote comments on them both on IMDB, but they’re still pending approval.

This weekend, Beth and I are going to the mountains. We’ll drive up to Grand Lake this afternoon, and stay the night with our friends in the Dornbusch family. Then, Saturday we’re planning to go snow shoeing and sledding in Rocky Mountain National Park. After that, we’ll go check into a hotel in Hot Sulphur Springs, and go soak in the hot springs. Sunday we’re planning to have Easter Brunch at Beth’s favorite breakfast restaurant in Grand Lake, and then drive on home, hopefully well before the ski traffic.


  1. Hi Todd,

    Looks like the birthday party was fun. And it looks like you are getting old. hehe

    Where did you have the party?


  2. The party was at the house of our friends Nick and Erika, near Boulder, Colorado. I need to emphasize that the dorky looking mustache was for this party only. I cut it off the following day.

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