Todd’s TSA Fantasy

Yesterday Beth and I traveled home by flying Southwest Airlines from New Orleans to Denver. As I was getting dressed, I had this little fantasy:

Wouldn’t it be cool if when we arrived they told us, “By order of the Obama Administration, the TSA has eliminated all elements of Security Theater and replaced them with only security screening practices that actually have an impact on passenger safety. So leave your shoes on, and bring your water bottle. Oh, and your Chap Stick – just keep it in your pocket.”

It turned out to be the most low-key security screening I’ve seen in the USA post-9/11.  There was only one line, and most of the time the screeners were just standing around waiting for passengers to arrive.  When we got to the front of the line, we had as much time to do the undress-pass-through-redress ritual as we needed, which is a good thing due to my current physical limitations.

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  1. Todd Bradley Post author

    Yeah, it’s weird that it’s warmer here at 5400 feet elevation in the Rocky Mountains than it is on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico at 15 feet elevation.


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