what should I do about illegal wiretapping?

I’ve kept slightly abreast of the whole “illegal wiretapping” issue from the past few years.  In case you live in Osama’s cave, the issue is that the federal government asked the US telecom carriers to tap in on phone calls going through their networks.  The reason the feds wanted the info was, of course, the… Continue reading what should I do about illegal wiretapping?

nearly car free commuting for 3+ months

Since reading How to Live Well Without Owning a Car a few months ago, I made a serious effort to change my daily commuting habits.  I bought an awesome new bike, and I’m really liking it a lot.  Plus, my employer offers free bus passes to all employees, so I decided to get one of… Continue reading nearly car free commuting for 3+ months

bestsmartstore.com = fraud

I was just reconciling my latest Visa statement, and found a fraudulent charge for $4.99 from “Bestsmartstore Com Llc” from February 14.  I checked out the company’s website, and learned they are supposedly an “e-book” vendor but we haven’t bought any e-books from them.  I googled the company and found that the only hits were… Continue reading bestsmartstore.com = fraud

avoid Quicken for the Mac at all costs!

Now that it’s 2008, I can reflect on 2007, I suppose.  The single biggest mistake I made in my wholesale conversion from Microsoft Windows to Apple Mac OS in 2008 is this:  I tried to switch to Quicken Mac 2007.  If you’re considering going to the Mac version of Quicken, I encourage you to think… Continue reading avoid Quicken for the Mac at all costs!

greetings from Omaha, Nebraska

I’m writing this in the airport in Omaha.  “What the heck am I doing in Omaha?” you might ask.  Well, our flight from Kansas City to Denver was canceled due to “crew issues”.  I called United at the ticket agent initially said the next time we could fly home would be the 28th.  Two more… Continue reading greetings from Omaha, Nebraska

here’s what I think

Many of you couldn’t give a damn, but if you want to know my opinions, here they are. My book and product reviews (Amazon.com) My reviews of restaurants outside Broomfield, Colorado (Google Local) My reviews of restaurants in Broomfield, Colorado  (broomfieldrestaurantreviews.com) My movie reviews (IMBD)

tax refund

We’re getting a tax refund this year, plus I’m getting a bonus from my employer. So, I naturally have started spending some of this money before it’s even arrived! I’ve been on a buying spree the past week. First, I bought this unusual bicycle, called a Giant Revive. It’s billed as the “ultimate comfort bike”… Continue reading tax refund

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