= fraud

I was just reconciling my latest Visa statement, and found a fraudulent charge for $4.99 from “Bestsmartstore Com Llc” from February 14.  I checked out the company’s website, and learned they are supposedly an “e-book” vendor but we haven’t bought any e-books from them.  I googled the company and found that the only hits were… Continue reading = fraud

avoid Quicken for the Mac at all costs!

Now that it’s 2008, I can reflect on 2007, I suppose.  The single biggest mistake I made in my wholesale conversion from Microsoft Windows to Apple Mac OS in 2008 is this:  I tried to switch to Quicken Mac 2007.  If you’re considering going to the Mac version of Quicken, I encourage you to think… Continue reading avoid Quicken for the Mac at all costs!

greetings from Omaha, Nebraska

I’m writing this in the airport in Omaha.  “What the heck am I doing in Omaha?” you might ask.  Well, our flight from Kansas City to Denver was canceled due to “crew issues”.  I called United at the ticket agent initially said the next time we could fly home would be the 28th.  Two more… Continue reading greetings from Omaha, Nebraska

here’s what I think

Many of you couldn’t give a damn, but if you want to know my opinions, here they are. My book and product reviews ( My reviews of restaurants outside Broomfield, Colorado (Google Local) My reviews of restaurants in Broomfield, Colorado  ( My movie reviews (IMBD)

tax refund

We’re getting a tax refund this year, plus I’m getting a bonus from my employer. So, I naturally have started spending some of this money before it’s even arrived! I’ve been on a buying spree the past week. First, I bought this unusual bicycle, called a Giant Revive. It’s billed as the “ultimate comfort bike”… Continue reading tax refund

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