guess where I’m from

Last week, some folks at work were talking about the “right way” to pronounce “Colorado”. Is the “a” pronounced like “hat” or like “ah”? That led someone to share this nifty web app that asks you a bunch of questions about what words you use for things and how you pronounce them, and then attempts… Continue reading guess where I’m from

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DCC books for sale or trade

It’s time for some early spring cleaning. My bookcase is too crowded, so I’m getting rid of some RPG stuff I don’t really need. All this is related in some way to Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG (DCCRPG) by Goodman Games – either DCC specifically, or the Mutant Crawl Classics variation of the game. It’s all… Continue reading DCC books for sale or trade

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Native Chopped, Part 2

If you haven’t already read it, this is a continuation of Native Chopped, Part 1. Go catch up if you need to. The live event happened as planned, on January 27, 2022. One of the five contestants that started the competition with us was replaced, for reasons they never explained. But they got another volunteer… Continue reading Native Chopped, Part 2

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Native Chopped, Part 1

I support a charity organization in Denver called Denver Indian Health and Family Services. They provide a ton of physical and mental health services to Native American families in the Denver metro area, and have done so since the 1970s. Recently Brooke forwarded me an email from their email list that caught my eye. It… Continue reading Native Chopped, Part 1

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COVID-19 and Me, Part 6

My last “COVID-19 and Me” post was back in late October 2021, shortly after I got my Moderna booster shot. Perhaps that’ll be the first booster of many; I have no idea. They’ve been telling us since the beginning of the pandemic that it’s really just a matter of time before we all get COVID.… Continue reading COVID-19 and Me, Part 6

Texas November 2021

This is my second attempt at this blog article. The first one got corrupted somehow and wouldn’t display correctly. Hopefully this one works better. Brooke and I got home last night from being in Texas for the past week. It was a nice vacation. We saw lots of my family, ate lots of good food,… Continue reading Texas November 2021

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precognition and synchronicity

I realized earlier this week that all the science fiction stories I’ve been consuming lately have a common theme – a character who can see the future and present at the same time. They’re all about someone who surpasses thinking just in the present and develops the ability to treat time as a fluid experience.… Continue reading precognition and synchronicity

NM21 Road Trip – Day 8

September 22, 2021 All good things must come to an end. Today was the last day of vacation, and not very interesting or exciting at all. But at least it started nice, with breakfast in bed. It wasn’t fancy, but my Airbnb reservation included a simple breakfast. I chose the breakfast croissant sandwich with fruit.… Continue reading NM21 Road Trip – Day 8

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NM21 Road Trip – Day 7

September 21, 2021 No hiking, no rock art. Today I packed up my stuff from the casita where I was staying near Santa Fe and headed north. I did get to spend a couple hours relaxing before hitting the road, and did some reading. My first planned stop was Orlando’s New Mexican Cafe in Taos.… Continue reading NM21 Road Trip – Day 7

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